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Monticue Connally (MontiClevah) is a Denver Rapper & Medicine Man who resonates with the sounds of African Drums, Rhythmic Chanting, Afro-Caribbean Folklore, Hip Hop and the Spirits of the Dark Forest. He writes medicine songs for the plants. He sings these songs to bridge gaps between the hearts of men and the spirits of nature. His walk with music has been a long and successful one.  In 2006 he won the international USA songwriting competition for the Hip Hop Category and since then has sold many CDs and performed with many local bands including Denver’s own internationally renowned and socially aware rap group “The Flobots”. Growing up, Hip Hop was a very sacred way of life in his family. At every family gathering the young males would form a circle and rap rhymes that held deep personal truths within their witty packaging. Monticue graduated with honors from the Denver School of the Arts as a Vocal Music Major and has performed in many local plays and musicals including the opera “Porgy and Bess” at Boettcher Hall in front of audiences of close to 3,000 people.   

Monticue is a graduate of the Artemisia & Rue Western Herbal Medicine and Earth Centered Healing Traditions Program. He instructs students in working with Chakras and Essential Oils, Herbal Men’s Health, Banishing and Blessing with Herbs, Shamanism, Power Animals and many other esoteric topics. Monticue leads an Herb Walk on 33rd and Holly called the Herban Herb Walk. This is a growing event where people in the inner city can become more aware of the wonderful medicines growing about them. He is also drummer for the annual Kwanzaa celebrations who is often asked to speak to the children and rap songs about the many wonders of the plants. 

Monticue also writes beautiful songs about the plants and sings them with excellence. Ask him to sing his “Damiana” song which is a big hit among the students. Monticue has been on many herbal adventures with herbalist Shelley Torgove, the founder of Artemisia and Rue. On these adventures you’ll catch him teaching students at Shelley’s side as they walk through the most beautiful mountainous areas in Colorado. Monticue taught a few classes in Breckenridge, Co at the Mountain West Herbal Gathering in 2016 and was also asked to speak on the Osha Panel where the plant Osha was discussed in great detail.

Monticue received his Reiki 1 and 2 certifications from Denver’s Usui Center and has since received Reiki 3 Master Status and developed a plant specific system of reiki that helps one to connect better with the plant world. Monticue has been asked to perform blessings on the houses of locals and hired to inspect homes said to house poltergeists and other esoteric pests.  He’s also appeared on the “the Priestess View” and other internet radio shows dealing with the world of the unseen. Monticue has been spotted most recently pouring herbal tinctures and reciting "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost in a commercial for the Gaia Channel.

As a natural plant mystic, he has an unorthodox knowledge of the nature of plants and works with them on many levels. Herbs, the spirit world, and alternative healing methods have been a lifelong interest for the Denver native who plans to continue to use workshops and music to teach people in urban areas how to access the many esoteric tools within and the earthly medicines growing around them. These factors all come together musically when Monticue, musically known as MontiClevah, grabs a microphone.


Meet the Yogic Healer

Aishah Muhammad is a member owner and instructor with Satya Yoga Cooperative. She teaches a gentle Hatha flow and incorporates Herbal plant meditations. She is co-owner of Jiridon Apothecary and Program commitee member for Woodbine Education center 
Her love for social justice and herbal remedies have made her practice gentle, nourishing, therapeutic and soulful